Raffle Rules
- Present Ticket at door for admission of 2 adults
- Adult only event - no one under age 21 is admitted
- 18 years and older eligible to participate in raffle
- Additional raffles the day of the event
- All Tickets eligible for the 12 cash prize drawings
- Need not be present to win
- Drawing will start with 12th prize and work to 1st prize
- Winner will be responsible for all applicable federal, state and local income taxes. (IRS & NYS tax reporting forms will be filed in accordance with the law.)  Winner must provide tax ID# prior to the payment of the prize.
- Pulled winning tickets will be returned into the drum and YES, you are eligible to win more than once on same ticket
- If all 1000 tickets are not sold by 7:30PM, October 13, 2018, prizes equal 60% of ticket receipts will be awarded after expenses. 
Number of Tickets
Phone Number +Names for Ticket
Team/Club you are Supporting